As owners of tourist accommodation, our main concern is to ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of our guests. In case all the people included in the reservation do not match at the time of registration (check-in) and we cannot personally verify your identity with your national identity document (DNI), it is necessary a few days before entering the home, to collect and record the identification data of each of the guests over 14 years old who stay in our facilities.

The required data includes:

  1. ID number.
  2. Document type.
  3. Date of issue of the document.
  4. Surname.
  5. Second surname.
  6. Name.
  7. Sex.
  8. Birthdate.
  9. Country of nationality.
  10. Entry date.

However, we understand that providing all the details may be tedious for some guests. Therefore, if you prefer to avoid the process of filling out detailed information, we offer you the option of simply sending a photo of your ID where this information is specified.

It is important to highlight that these data will be treated in accordance with current data protection regulations, including the General Regulations of PrProtection of Data (RGPD) and the Organic Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD). In addition, they will be provided to the competent authorities, such as the Civil Guard, as established by law.

By providing us with your ID photo, you give your consent to the processing of the data contained therein for the indicated purpose. We are committed to protecting your privacy and using the information exclusively for the purposes mentioned above.



a) ENTRY: From 16:00 to 19:00

b) OUTPUT: Before 11:00


In order to provide greater flexibility in schedules, we offer these alternatives only if there are no other reservations that coincide with the start or end of your reservation.

1) INPUT: From 2:00 p.m.

2) OUTPUT: Before 1:00 p.m.        *3) EXIT:  Until 7:00 p.m. (25€ supplement)

*We offer our clients the possibility of extending their stay with an additional charge of €25. This payment is intended to cover additional costs for the consumption of electricity, water, heating or air conditioning during the extra hours of your stay.

Clients must request an extension of their stay with sufficient notice and this will be subject to availability and confirmation by Casa Axier.


Payment for the accommodation rental will be made as follows:

1st. PAY:

When making the reservation, through Bizum, Bank Card or Bank Transfer.

LOW SEASON:  30% of the total.

HIGH SEASON (Special dates, Long Weekends, Easter, Summer, Christmas, New Year's Eve):  40%€ of the total.

A reservation will only be confirmed when it can be verified that the requested deposit has been paid. Reservations will be confirmed by email to the client once the account has been credited.

2nd. PAY: 

Remainder pending, must be paid in cash at the time of entry to the home.


The client is asked for a bail of €250, Payment will be made in cash upon entry to the home. This deposit is made to cover repair costs and damages caused by guests during their stay. The client agrees to return the accommodation in the same clean conditions and in the same state as it was. The deposit will be returned within a maximum period of 5 days after the clients' departure, provided that all established rules have been met and it has been verified that there is no damage or breakage in the home.  


-PROHIBITION OF PARTIES: Parties are not allowed in the home.

-RESPECT FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Our home is located in an urban area, so it is essential to avoid noise and disturbance to neighbors.

Use of the Garden and Pool

Rest hours: The established rest schedule must be respected. 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m.. During this time, music is prohibited in the garden, and the use of the pool must be moderate, without noise or shouting.

During the dayOutside, music is only allowed at a moderate level, with a volume limited enough to respect the tranquility of the neighborhood.

Consequences of non-compliance: In the event of evidence of vandalism, noise, disturbances, well-founded complaints from neighbors or reckless use of the house and its belongings, Casa Axier reserves the right to terminate the stay. In this case, guests must leave the house immediately. without refund of the total payment made, nor of the deposit.

If there is an incident due to the misuse of the pool, it will be under the responsibility of the client.


-SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED in the housing facilities.

-THE CONTRACTED CAPACITY MAY NOT BE EXCEEDED. Entry to more people than those indicated in the reservation (both adults and children) is not allowed. The house, the pool, the garden and the rest of the Casa Axier facilities are reserved for the exclusive use of registered customers. In the event that the number of occupants of the house is greater than the number indicated in the reservation, the owner reserves the right of admission or the right to charge an extra fee per person and day. Due to current regulations, we are subject to controls by the authorities, so NEVER may exceed –AUTHORIZED CAPACITY of people assigned to us by the Ministry of Tourism. Casa Axier is not responsible in the event of an incident arising from overcrowding.

-CUSTOMER IS REQUIRED TO SHUT OFF the apparatus of AIR CONDITIONING, LIGHTS and HEATING when not in use, both when leaving the room and the house. It is essential to be careful with the consumption of electrical devices and water, avoiding any waste or unnecessary expense. In this way, we will be maintaining a sustainable and responsible attitude towards the environment.

-THE CHANGE OR TRANSFER OF FURNITURE IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER ANY CONCEPT. inside the property. In the event that the furniture is damaged or damage to the walls occurs due to this type of action, the amount necessary to replace or repair the damage will be deducted from the previously delivered security deposit.

The owners of the house are not responsible for the behavior and/or actions of the tenants.



In case of cancellation, the initial payment made will not be refunded since said payment constitutes only a minimum fraction of the total amount of the reservation. Furthermore, Casa Axier guarantees total exclusivity on the reserved dates, being unable to accept other reservations for that period, for this reason, said payment only in case of cancellation, is intended to compensate for the lost opportunities of other interested clients. Despite this, to maintain customer satisfaction, if a new reservation is obtained On canceled days, we offer the ability to change dates, thus providing flexibility and mitigating the loss of the initial payment. This option remains valid for a period of three months from the date of cancellation.


The decision of a client/s not to attend on any of the contracted days, or even not to attend on any day, will not give rise to deductions or refunds. The total amount agreed for the reservation will remain unchanged, without the possibility of modifications.


If the client or group does not show up at the property on the scheduled reservation date or chooses to end their stay before the agreed departure date, no refunds or refunds of any kind will be made.


Through this document, clients express their ACCORDANCE and undertake to respect and comply with all regulations and policies previously established by Casa Axier.




Pool use season: From June 1 to September 30 (orientative date)


To access the house with an electronic key, the client must previously download the application NUKI SMART LOCK.


We have a security camera at the entrance / reception of the house, for control of entry and security of clients.



The owner offers to supply the necessary firewood upon prior request at an additional cost. The client must always request it in advance.


It has a paellero and paellas for use in the garden, its service is free. The client must always request it in advance, and it is not possible for the owner to make it available once the client is already in the house.