Alicante rural houses

Rural houses in Alicante

If what you are looking for are rural houses in Alicante, Axier House, a comfortable and relaxing rural house is the right place for you.

Located in Alicante, Casa Axier is a house structured mainly from a rustic material, set in bygone eras, with its modern touch, with a totally comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, recommending to be with family or as a couple and enjoy the warm surroundings, with organic nature, not artificial.

Equipment Casa Axier, rural house in Alicante

We have 100 % equipment in each of the areas, since Casa Axier has two floors, where each one has its special touch, with a capacity of up to 12 people so you can stay with your family or those closest to you, ideal for meetings, parties or important events, since it is in an excellent area of Alicante.

We will not have any type of external noise that is annoying or ruins the peace that Casa Axier has to offer you, that is, Our commitment to you is that you feel at home, but in a different time, era and place, since we have that comfort that other rural houses in Alicante do not have, contributing to the familiarity of every detail in the home.

Casa Axier has 350 meters, spread over all its floors, therefore, it is a completely extensive house. If you come as a couple, you can request rent of the ground floor, or the upper floor, but if you come with your family you can rent the entire house, there are no limits, it's all a matter of taste and what you need on the trip.

Casa Axier, gives security to all clients of a favorable immersion, therefore, our services will always be first hand, and not only do we say it, but also our clients who have even returned to stay more than once.

rural houses in Alicante

Characteristics of Casa Axier, in Alicante

Taking into account that our plan is to bring comfort to each family, to each person, we have two contributions for winter and summer, these would be:

  • For the summer: We have a swimming pool, to release that heat and enjoy the incredible sun, in the middle of organic nature. In this area, we have a barbecue to have those family barbecues and enjoy a good roast meat.
  • For the winter: For the cold we have a fireplace, which gives us that warmth that we need on cold days.

With this said, Casa Axier, has equipment in all areas of the house, from kitchen, sofas, beds, furniture, dining rooms, barbecue, among other things.

Privacy at Casa Axier, Alicante

Apart from this, we know that privacy is very important to our clients, therefore, we have with independent entrances, with extensive top-quality security, so that when you are in the garden, you feel comfortable, relaxed and without fear of any type of problem. Likewise, we also have a parking lot outside, where you can keep secure your car.

Our incredible Casa Axier, It has two wonderful terraces on the upper floor, where we can view the landscapes that the province of Alicante offers us.

After this, if what you want is to sleep and rest from the trip, we have 5 rooms, three of them with double beds for greater comfort, and another two with single and separate beds, it should be noted that one of these rooms is very spacious, therefore, you will be able to have small meetings between part of the family.

Axier House Services in Alicante

In parallel to this, Casa Axier has the following services:

  • Premium unlimited internet
  • Heating
  • Air conditioners and fans
  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Hydromassage
  • Complete equipment in rooms
  • laundry area
  • reading area
  • Space to work without interruption
  • Complete equipment in the kitchen area
  • natural garden

Places of interest in Alicante

Since you are thinking about coming to Casa Axier, one of the best rural houses in Alicante, as we told you before, this, It is located in the province of Alicante, therefore, there are many things we can do here.

Among the things we can do, one of them is visit Santa Barbara Castle, which is a mythical site in Alicante, since it was built in the 9th century and they used it as an area to detain illegal people.

Another of the sites to visit is the Co-Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which is an Arab place, built on a mosque, what would be, an area where they pay a kind of worship to the islamic faithTherefore, it has become very famous to come to this place, since it is years old and means a lot to the people of Alicante.

Since you will be at Casa Axier, we had to mention The Port of Alicante, which is characteristic of the province, due to the fact that you can walk for a long time, enjoying the sea landscapes, with boats around you, next to yachts, and even, we can visit some bars where we can talk for a while as a family.

And finally, among all these places, we can also visit Tabarca Island, which is an archipelago, with 3 divided islands, where we can go on a boat, which does not cost much money and we can do an incredible tour.

What to do in Alicante

In short, the rural house in Alicante Casa Axier is not a boring house by any means, apart from being a comfortable, relaxing and very peaceful place, it offers an environment with many curiosities and mythical places to visit, therefore, you will not return home without any positive comments to say.

Furthermore, we could not leave behind that the gastronomy that Alicante has is of another level, as a result, you can prepare these dishes at Casa Axier, to get out of the routine a little and find something new to do and mold in your own way.

Finally, if you want a pleasant, comfortable and stress-free place, Casa Axier is the right place for you, Don't wait any longer to book, we are part of your home, your second home, we are waiting for you here, so that you can enjoy incredible gastronomy, landscapes, places of interest, activities to do, this and much more, is what Casa Axier offers you, the right place for you, don't hesitate anymore.