Axier House Dining Room

Holiday Apartments in Biar (Alicante)

Do you want to find a House for Large Groups or Vacation Apartments? get in contact with Casa Axier today.

Are you looking for quality holiday apartments for your holidays? If you want a house for large groups, you have found the perfect rental. At Casa Axier, we focus on providing you with a quality space where you can relax and spend time with the people you care about. We are focused on a high quality service, which is why we offer you three rental options.

Axier Ground Floor is the first rental we offer, also known as Axier-2. Axier Planta Baja is designed for smaller groups and has the amenities you are looking for such as air conditioning, wi-fi, television, kitchen and more.

Our next facility, Axier Primera Planta, is made for larger groups and offers those same amenities and more. Finally, we have Casa Axier, which is a large, full-size villa with a pool that you can access from the patio. We have a private garden for your use and a beautiful balcony that you can use to look at the city.

If any of these rural places sound amazing to you, then we would love to welcome you to Biar. Biar is a wonderful rural town with a sense of tranquility that you will love while on vacation.

To make a reservation with us, you must enter your date and group size. We will be able to tell you how many openings we have, if any, on your dates, and we will let you know which of the houses would be a good fit for you. Our prices are transparent and you can easily book online if you find a suitable room for your needs.

If you need further assistance or have questions for us, please contact us through our chat room. We are ready to take your call and we are happy that you have chosen to stay with us at Casa Axier.