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Holiday Rental Costa Blanca


If you are looking for a Vacation Rental, the White shore It has a lot to offer and at Casa Axier a villa located in Biar, a beautiful Villa that is in the interior of Alicante, you will find everything you need.

Sometimes it is necessary to disconnect and take life easy, choose the right moment to enjoy those wonderful moments that life gives you.

Perhaps it is time to think more about ourselves and know how to prioritize, that is why we encourage you to choose Axier House a Vacation Rental on the Costa Blanca to spend a few perfect days of rest and peace.

There is no better feeling than going on vacation. That is why we offer incredible rentals for your days off, just 35 minutes from Alicante and its beaches.

At Axier House, we are focused on making your vacation a memorable experience that you will cherish for years to come.

Our house has a special charm that cannot be overlooked. When you connect and view our rooms, you will find three options to choose from.

Holiday Rentals on the Costa Blanca



Our accommodation is the perfect environment to relax and unwind with the freedom and tranquility you expect.

Peace, serenity and relaxation in a dream place to embrace nature as a family or with your partner.

Share a different and exclusive vacation with all the comforts we offer you

Do not forget the experiences that you can discover with all the rural charm that surrounds Casa Axier.










visit our Web  and You will find all the information you need to decide.

We are here for you! Get in touch with us, chat online or book directly to schedule your vacation.

Remember that we offer discounts from the third night, we also have Offers throughout the year and promotional vouchers for repeat customers.

You can contact us at 692647551 to get more information about our property and to find out why it is an incredible place to stay when you visit our beautiful town.

We hope to meet you in the future!