Biar Alicante

Activities in Biar Alicante


In this blog we will inform you about all the events and activities in Biar (Alicante) that the City Council has scheduled throughout the year. Stay tuned because they are numerous and very interesting.

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Like every summer, BIAR organizes numerous activities for the enjoyment of neighbors and visitors, concerts, auditions, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, meetings, etc. Here we summarize some...



August 16, 2022

One of the activities that is organized in Biar in summer and that is very popular is the Fiesta de Sant Roc that is celebrated on August 16, organized by the residents of that neighborhood. Numerous activities are held throughout the day, including parades through the neighborhood by the Colla La Bassa la Vila. Later, typical dances and races are held.

Don't miss it! It is a way to bring neighbors and visitors together enjoying the activities together.






From July 22 to August 21

One more year for a few weeks, walking through the streets of the historic center has its incentive, the protagonists are the canvases that adorn the facades and balconies of Biar. You can enjoy the inspiration of these artists by walking along Calle Mayor or emblematic squares such as Plaza España or Plaza de la Constitución. Pedestrians will be able to observe how canvases of different themes hang above them, the streets become a free and simple art gallery.

This successful initiative of "Art al balcó" does not seek artistic recognition, it just wants to turn its works into the perfect setting to make you feel like you are in an open-air museum, this is a new way of bringing art closer to people.


This tour houses approximately 80 canvases that are made by members of the Biarense Painting Movement made up of amateur and professional painters from Biar, Almansa, Petrer, Ayora and Caudete. Each artist leaves a trace of his creativity in each painting, seeking to contribute his art to each canvas. It is a way of feeling artists for a few days.