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Cottages in Biar

if you are looking rural houses in Biar and you want to spend an incredible and relaxing trip, Axier House, is the right place for you. We have a beautiful house to be with family, as a couple or with friends, which is located in Biar and it has two floors, with various services and features that make Casa Axier a comfortable place like being at home.

One of the reasons why this rural house is phenomenal is because has a rural setting that it is immersive, where we can have unique experiences, with the different activities that we can carry out, places of interest to visit and the relaxing nights that we can have under the fireplace of the home in question.

Sometimes we want to travel and feel at home, for this reason, Casa Axier comes fully equipped, where we can hold meetings or events willing to be comfortable at home conversation.

rural houses in Biar

What makes Casa Axier special?

Casa Axier, apart from being a very comfortable place to be, also has something very special, and that is, that it is located in Biar, in an area where you will not find external sounds, that disturb your peace, we can feel away from the common environment, to feel that we are in a warm environment, different and pleasing.

Taking this into account, this rural house has a rustic structure, which makes it feel very comfortable, but also has certain services and features that make the house a more complete place.

Casa Axier, is focused on an older style, but reaching the modern, which will make us feel in a familiar, but different place.

Casa Axier Features

The best thing about staying in this place are its characteristics, since there are not a few, and we will have many things to enjoy, among them:


Upon entering Casa Axier, we will be able to notice that it is coming totally equiped, sofas, beds, television, washing machine, microwave, kitchen, air conditioning, among other equipment.

people capacity

This house is very spacious, therefore, it has a capacity limit of up to 12 people.

Kitchen and dining room

Being an equipped house, it has two tables to eat at ease, sofas, two televisions to watch a movie while we eat, and we will even have an area only for book lovers.

Apart from this, we have a kitchen with all the necessary equipment to cook correctly.


Every house should have a bathroom, but Casa Axier does not have one, but 3 bathrooms, which each have different characteristics. the first bath contains a whirlpool and its respective shower, the second bathroom has its shower and is fully equipped and the third is a toilet.


Casa Axier, has a large garden, where we can have our family meetings, enjoying the barbecue and the beautiful surroundings of organic nature.


If you love to see beautiful views, Casa Axier, has two wonderful terraces for this, which are on the top floor and there are 2 specifically.

Private house

As we know that you are looking for privacy, Casa Axier, has with separate entrance and exclusively for you, with a top-notch security so that you do not feel afraid of being in this incredible place.

home climate

As expected, this rural house, has heating, ceiling fans and air conditioners, to be comfortable at home and not suffer from the heat in the summer.


Since the house has a capacity of 12 people, we have with 5 rooms, which three of them have a double bed, and the other two rooms have single beds.

unlimited Internet

Since we know that you will be traveling a long way from home, we have a premium internet and totally unlimited, so you can enjoy your stay, viewing social networks and telling your loved ones everything.

Now, leaving the characteristics section, we must remember that Casa Axier has two floors, therefore, each of these can be rented, that is, the rental of the entire house is not mandatory.

The house has 350 meters, which are divided between the said floors, and both can be rented by different people, therefore, it is an excellent house for couples as well.

Landmarks in Biar

As we said before, Casa Axier is located in the city of Biar, therefore, there are many things to do and experiences to live in this great place.

As in any city, there are tourist guides where they can help us visit various important places in the area, one of them is Biar Castle, where you can go up and have a beautiful view of a part of the city, quite apart from this, near the castle you can meet with your family or as a couple, and enjoy the gastronomy of the city, which is very diverse and different from that of other provinces.

In Biar, we can also visit the Municipal Ethnographic Museum, where a professional guide can assist us, as well as guide us to visit important streets, squares, and we can even visit the sports.

Things to do in Biár

But not content with this, the city is also famous for a very peculiar activity, which is hiking and we will be able to do many important routes, among them we have the hiking of Sierra Reconco, Sierra del Fraile, Botanical Route and Sierra de la Fontanella.

With all this mentioned, what Casa Axier seeks with you is to commit to give you a comfortable place and a pleasant environment to enjoy with your family.

Taking all this into account, What to expect to book? Do not hesitate to take advantage of this incredible place, to take a few days of relaxation and enjoy with your family or as a couple, remember that not everything is work, the body must also rest, therefore, we offer you this totally spacious chalet to do what you like.

We are waiting for you to enjoy this historic city, Biar, a spectacular city where you can visit every alley, every area, every place, and you will go home with a new experience. We are waiting for you at Casa Axier.